Australian Apprenticeships / Traineeships Field Officers

Why should you recommend ACOIS to your clients?


We understand the pressures and frustrations that field officers face on a daily bases trying to get reliable timely information from RTO’s. ACOIS understands that employers have different needs and circumstances and that is why it offers a flexible approach that can cater for group learning as well as more remote individual learning requirements.

Timely communication is the key?


We understand that you need information in a timely manner. Thats why we offer our dedicated 1300 number that will direct your call to a program expert who can make decisions on program delivery methods and styles, allowing you to provide more efficent services to your clients.

Great customer service


ACOIS offers a highly transparent level of customer services to its clients. This entails timely and accurate reports to field officers as well as employers on the progress of their Apprentices/Trainees.

Dedicate Apprenticeship Enquiry Hotline: 1300 630 366

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